Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Will you consider including synchronous tools in your future EFL classroom in Saudi Arabia? Will there be any drawbacks?

Synchronous tools allow actual communication and collaboration with the teacher and their students. I think that  I will use synchronous tools in my future EFL classroom because this tools helps me and my students to make the teaching or learning process become easy.  Also, I will choose the suitable tools for my students to improve them in their learning.  I think these tools important for learning the language . The learning of language depends on communication between teacher and students. Then,  students with each other.There are a lot of synchronous tools like Yahoo, MSN…etc, which have advantage and disadvantage. They are  free and easy way for teachers to bring in their classroom and their students.

In my opinion, I feel that there are some negative aspects in using these tools in Saudi Arabia. One of these aspects which is, the wrong using of these tools ,such as ;to show of that you have this and that and you know a lot of technologies , or to use these tools in break or make some damages  to others without any reason. But , I hope that we will change soon in a excellent using of these tools.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students.

Teaching is a job may seen boring to many students and even the teacher. So, we need to use the technology in teaching to change what the students feel about the lesson. There are many sites that may serve the education purposes such as; blog, wiki, and delicious...etc
First, blog which can be used to tell the students about the class needs and post assignments and homework. As a teacher I think that using of blog with some lessons will provides to the students extra stuff on units which they studied during the year. Then, the learning process will be facilitated.

Then, wiki that is a website that allow the easy making and editing of any pages. It used to create shared wiki websites and for personal note taking. If I'm a teacher ,I can used wiki ,for example, in teaching grammer and vocabulary. I may also put the assignments and the handouts, then ask students to go for it.

Finally, delicious that is an open-ended system, so you decide how you want to use it. It used for storing, sharing , and seeing bookmarks. I can used delicious to ask students to bookmark some activities, or links which help them in learing English a a foreign language.
e.g. the students asked to go to the delicious of the teacher and go to a certain link under a certain tag that their teacher gives to them. It may about speaking skill, they have to read about the rules of speaking and how to deal with others , then try to do it directly with their friends in the class.   

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Application of Bax Normilasation in Saudi Arabia: The how!"

Stephan Bax argues that, "Our aim should be to attain a state of `normalisation' in which the technology is invisible and truly integrated"

Stephan has identified a possible future plan for CALL. He talked about the goal that is the normalization which he have described, in which CALL finally becomes invisible, serving the needs of learners and included into every teachers’ everyday practice. This will almost certainly need changes in technology, in the size, shape and place of the classroom computer. It will involve change in attitudes, in approach and practice between teachers and learner. He argued for ethnographic analyses, in order to understand CALL better. He said that normalisation’  relevant to any kind of technological innovation and refers to the stage when the technology becomes invisible, embedded in everyday practice and therefore ‘normalised’.  CALL will reach this state of normalisation when computers are used every day by language students and teachers as an integral part of every lesson, like a pen or a book. Most importantly,  he believed that CALL will be normalised when computers are treated as always secondary to learning itself, when the needs of learners will be carefully analyzed first of all, and then the computer used to serve those needs.

In my opinion, I think that we cannot apply this normalization in Saudi Arabia because the using of computer are not suitable yet in schools . The computer only used as an extra subject not as a main subject like this I would say that this normalisation is not working until they change the way of teaching this subject. Then think about using it in teaching other subject.  So,we need to applied this CALL in all schools in order to achieve the normalisation. First,teachers  have to use computers, online learning and blended learning. Also, teachers have to encourage the students to use these technology with their learning process. Teachers have to mix learning and teaching with technology.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

it's me

Hi .. how are you
  I 'm an applied lingustics in YUC . I want to say that this blog is very nice, and contain a lot of good stuff that we will benefit from them . This is the first time for me to be a member in blogger and insha'allah will be useful for me .