Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students.

Teaching is a job may seen boring to many students and even the teacher. So, we need to use the technology in teaching to change what the students feel about the lesson. There are many sites that may serve the education purposes such as; blog, wiki, and delicious...etc
First, blog which can be used to tell the students about the class needs and post assignments and homework. As a teacher I think that using of blog with some lessons will provides to the students extra stuff on units which they studied during the year. Then, the learning process will be facilitated.

Then, wiki that is a website that allow the easy making and editing of any pages. It used to create shared wiki websites and for personal note taking. If I'm a teacher ,I can used wiki ,for example, in teaching grammer and vocabulary. I may also put the assignments and the handouts, then ask students to go for it.

Finally, delicious that is an open-ended system, so you decide how you want to use it. It used for storing, sharing , and seeing bookmarks. I can used delicious to ask students to bookmark some activities, or links which help them in learing English a a foreign language.
e.g. the students asked to go to the delicious of the teacher and go to a certain link under a certain tag that their teacher gives to them. It may about speaking skill, they have to read about the rules of speaking and how to deal with others , then try to do it directly with their friends in the class.   

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